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Accounting & Financial Statements

Muller & Partners, CPA Accounting Services

We know the struggles that small business owners experience in keeping their enterprises running smoothly.

We can help with:

  • Payroll & Bank Reconciliation
  • Income Statements & Balance Sheets
  • General Ledger Maintenance


Muller & Partners, CPA Taxation Services

We can make sure that you take full advantage of the income tax rules
to minimize the amount of taxes you pay.

This includes:

  • Personal Tax Services
  • Business/Corporate Tax Services
  • Trust Tax Services

Consulting Services

Muller & Partners, CPA Consulting Services

Our team can work with you to provide solutions to your business problems.

Call us today to schedule a consultation.

Our team can work with you to provide solutions to your business problems.


Muller & Partners, CPA

Financial Accounting & Tax Advisor Specialists


Based in Duluth, Georgia, Muller & Partners, CPA is a professional services firm, which provides consulting, business advisory, accounting and tax services for small businesses.  We pride ourselves in a comprehensive understanding of customers business to which we provide accounting services and advice. We provide high quality, timely and affordable services to our clients.

At Muller & Partners, CPA we are dedicated to handling our clients' business matters as if they were our own.







Atlanta Ad Graphics

Atlanta Ad Graphics

Excellent knowledge and service! As a small business owner, I don't always understand the ins and outs of preparing corporate taxes, or personal IRS tax returns. If you are confused by all the rules and regulations too, I suggest you contact Muller & Partners, CPA and you can get back to making money instead of sorting through paperwork. Muller & Partners will keep your taxes on track and your budget in the black.

Tammy Dills
Atlanta Ad Graphics, LLC

Rockcrete, USA

Price, Performance and Peace of Mind

Thant is what it is all about in today’s competitive market, and that is where Muller & Partners is making a difference to us. Their service is great and we're saving almost 40% in accounting fees each year. They are always available on short notice and are really well informed.

Thank you again to everyone at Muller & Partners CPA!

Rockrete, USA

Richard Chen

Richard Chen

Muller & Partners CPA has done a great job filing my tax last year. My situation is quite complicated as I moved from another state. With the help of Altea and her partner, I was able to get a much higher tax return this year than last even though my income was more.

Richard Chen